Newborn Workshop

If there is anything I love more than working with babies, it's getting to teach other photographers how to work with babies!


12 years ago I said I would never photograph babies after having a terrible experience at outdoor newborn shoot. 


Fast forward and here I am with 6 years under my belt and a passion for newborn photography. 


I am so thrilled to be able to teach you all things baby and help you grow as a photographer. 

Can't wait to meet you!

-Winter Hoins

What to Expect

*This workshop is not for beginners to photography.

Must have basic knowledge of how to shoot in manual mode.

6hrs 10am-4pm


We will have two baby models + family

*I will be the only one handling baby. If you would prefer hands on

book a one on one mentoring session.

Taking video of demonstrations is allowed.


1st session - Lifestyle Newborn

2nd session - Newborn Posed 


Covered in workshop:

Camera settings (shooting in natural light)

equipment, setting up, styling, how to pose, 

how to swaddle, how to wrap and editing.


Tricks to Baby Whispering 


Baby Prep guide, Parent questionnaire, photo essentials list

and photoshop actions included.


Lunch provided


Cost: $444



"I am so so grateful for the workshop I did with Winter it was absolutely incredible. I have been doing family photography for a few years and decided I wanted to see what newborn photography was like and wow can I just say I loved it!
Winter has inspired me so much I have bought my own props and have begun doing newborn photography as well. She taught us a lot about posing and calming a baby with her tips and tricks which I have put into practice several times already. I highly recommend her workshop!"


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