Prep Guide

Baby Prep:

1- Prior to leaving your house try to keep baby awake for 1.5-2 hours. Holding baby in an up right position, tickling feet and talking to your baby help to keep them awake. It is ok if they sleep on the ride to the studio.

2- Feed baby 20-30 minutes before the session, this will help to ensure that they are full and settled for photos. If you need to arrive early and feed in your car that is helpful, feeding during the session is ok but we are usually on tight schedule.

3- Bring a binky/pacifier. Even if your baby doesn't normally take one it used at important times to distract baby from posing or wrapping. I promise they won't become hooked on the pacifier in the 2 hr window, if you choose to not have them continue to use one.

4- The studio gets hot, bring clothes to change into if needed. Bring non-messy snacks and drinks for older children.

5- I always start with Baby first, and follow with family photos about 35-45 minutes in to the session. You may want to keep young kids in the car until time or bring something to entertain them.

6- For family photos I suggest wearing neutral colors.

7- I will provide everything for baby, you may bring your own swaddles, outfits and accessories if you'd like but it isn't required.